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Buying that diamond ring. Know before you buy.

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Hello world!

This is my first blog and I felt it is only befitting I would write about the very topic that spurred the birth of; buying an engagement ring.

For a guy, even for the more informed guy, buying an engagement ring is never a straightforward process. There are several things to consider, for example:

  • What are the infamous “4C’s”?
  • What’s the best 4C combination for me?
  • Anything beyond the 4C’s I should consider?
  • How much money should I spend?
  • What ring style should I get?
  • Gold or platinum?
  • And many others!

Right, so it is safe to assume opinion varies when it comes to buying a ring but let’s see if we can break it down a bit more.

First, did you ever stop and think what’s so special about a diamond? What’s wrong with a fine piece of crystal or even zirconia? Chances are most people won’t be able to tell the difference anyways so why dish out all that cash? And when you think about it, diamonds aren’t particularly rare. You’ll find them online, pretty much at any mall you walk into and many other (online) retail establishments, even pawn shops! There are rarer gem stones out there so what’s the big fuss about diamonds? Why are they pricey? What’s the big deal?

So, what is a diamond anyways? Besides being a girl’s best friend, a diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. It is made from pure carbon multiplied by immense temperature and pressure deep underneath the earth’s surface and over billions of years. In short, for a diamond to become a diamond, it goes through extreme harsh conditions, stands the test of time only to end up being a very beautiful item. It is quite the process, to say the least. It is therefore safe to say, the symbolism behind giving a woman a diamond ring is a very special thing.

Now that we have set the stage about why diamonds are distinct, how does one pick the right one for that special someone? I will be writing subsequent blogs about my experience buying my now-wife the “right” ring but I feel any person who’s trying to make a purchase of this magnitude and importance (regardless of the monetary value) should do some research and familiar themselves with certain basics.

In my humble opinion, the best way to get unbiased information about any item or product, is to go to independent third party establishments, in this case, you go to the Gemological Institute of America, GIA ( A good place to start is

GIA has a wealth of information about anything and everything you need to know about diamonds and all other gem stones. Other institutes exist like HRD and IGI but just make life easier for yourself and go to GIA; they are most known in the market anyways and, to some extent, are considered the industry standard when it comes to certifying gem stones, tracking them and providing accurate assessment of each stone’s specification. And just like anything, the internet has a wealth of information, just google “diamond 4c” and you’ll get a flood of articles and websites opining on the topic.

To recap, diamonds are precious for a very good reason, do your homework (even if just basic knowledge) before you buying one and several factors are to be considered before buying that diamond ring.

Last and certainly not least, stay tuned in to this blog as we further discuss what to look for and all the intricacies in buying a diamond ring.



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