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How it all started...

When I was shopping for an engagement ring for my now-wife (pictured below on our wedding day in Chicago), I ran into certain frustrations around how to get the right knowledge on what and where to buy, what to look for and certainly finding a good deal.

As a result, I decided to do something about it and hence came to fruition. Naturally, we deal with custom engagement rings but have also expanded to a full jewelry lineup.

We added our passion for travel as part of this website and hence we source many of our products and raw materials from great locations and people we have met along our journeys.

My wife and I decided to name the website Elias Allan after combining the names of our fathers; two people we greatly appreciate and respect. 

Our online retail store is a product of our direct hard work. Every image you see, every description, every element is created and/or designed by my wife and I. We are not some big conglomerate website, there's nothing wrong with that but that's just not us. As a matter or fact, a number of pictures feature my wife's hands/fingers and not a hired model.

Bottom line, this is family owned business and we want to put our personal touch to it. 

For the gents

I realize many guys do research on what to buy before buying that special ring. I was certainly one of them. Even for those of us who don't spend much time doing research, we wanted this website to be a one stop shop for all your engagement ring needs. Whether it's knowing what do the 4c's mean, what else to look for, getting a good overall deal or just educating yourself, we want to be the place you visit.  

For the ladies

For our female clientele, don't worry, we certainly did not forget about you. You'll find a fine selection of rings, bracelets, earrings and more. My wife and I always review our selection and strive to offer chic, elegant and timeless pieces. 

Our products

You'll find certifications from world-class gemological institutions such as GIA and IGI throughout the collection range. All our gold is never less than 18k or high grade platinum. 

We want to create a long-lasting professional relationship with our customers. As such, we aim to build a site and grow with our customers to make Elias Allan one of your top go-to places for jewelry and accessories shopping.
Please bear with us as we build our site and get to that stage. We are always happy for and welcome your feedback so please do not hesitate to let us know how we can improve your shopping experience and tailor our selection to best fit your needs.


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